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Of video, and quote Saturday.

From reading some headlines this week, you would think 1984, Brave New World, and Anthem were a collection of prophecies. With the Housing Bill creating a National Fingerprint Registry, Sec. of Homeland Security Chertoff seeking to “adopt novel Israeli methods, like behaviour-detection technologies, to better secure America’s airports” and England’s “Home Office” plans to create a “Big Brother Style Database for phone calls, email, and web use”, you’d think we were in some whacked out Science Fiction novel.

The quote of the week: A fingerprint is hardly personal data because you leave it on glasses and silverware and articles all over the world, they’re like footprints. They’re not particularly private.” 

The video this week is in honor of all the people who want control of your most personal, of personal things. Your Thoughts. Here’s the Alan Parsons Project with their masterpiece: Eye in the Sky.


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I see one of the very few politicians that I truly respect is getting tossed around for Sen. McAmnesty’s V.P choice. Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska.

Alaska Gov. Sarah PalinTo Meet With McCain VP Search Team (According to Wizbang)

A tipster sent us word that John McCain’s VP advance man Arthur Culvahousehas been spotted in Juneau, Alaska. There’s only one reason he would be there – to meet with Alaska Governor Sarah Palin about the Vice President position.

Besides the fact that she’s the most easiest on the eyes of our politicians this side of Italia, I don’t think she would be a good choice for the pro-war, pro-security, pro-big brother Republican party.

The first reason why she wouldn’t be good for McAmnesty and the neo-cons, is she is against the Real ID Act. And of course Sen. McAmnesty supports it. The second reason is Gov. Palin is a strong supporter of the 10th Amendment or in layman’s terms, States Rights. And Sen. McAmnesty is not.  Gov. Palin is a Strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment, and yes, you guessed it, Sen. McAmnesty is not.  Gov. Palin is as Pro-Life as it gets. How Pro-life? She was told early on in her 5th pregnancy her child was going to have Down Syndrome, rather than doing the coward thing, she is a proud mother to her 5th child. And Sen. McAmnesty? Not to good on the Pro-Life issues.

Now, after listing these differences, I see two issues that the neo-cons agree with her, and two issues they don’t agree with her on. My belief on why they are looking at her as a possible Vice Presidential nominee is because she’s a woman. That’s the only reason. She is as Libertarian as it gets in Mainstream Politics. Neo-Con’s, and the Republican elitists detest our wing of the party.

So, it goes back to this. Who is Sen. McAmnesty going to pick for his “Yes” man. My belief, as it was a few short weeks ago is Gov. Mike Huckabee. Charming, funny, and wants more Federal Power. He’s perfect for Sen. McAmnesty’s lacky.

Now stop trying to tie a great Governor, to a Federal Power wanting mad-man.

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Yeah, I didn’t know either. But, this is the headline, and, it doesn’t surprise me.

Paul has best showing yet, in Idaho

In fact, in Tuesday’s little-noticed Republican primary in Idaho, the iconoclastic Texas congressman had his best showing so far, grabbing 24 percent of the vote, nearly 30,000 votes in all.

Idaho, has always been a strong “Leave me alone” state. Granted 70% of the vote went to McAmnesty, but that’s besides the point. The point is, Dr. Paul has a strong following (moi included) and these little victories here and there, are begining to tally up. They aren’t nowhere near what McAmnesty has, but enough to have a little fun at the National Convention.  And that’s when it will get interesting.

The reLOVEution is alive and well.

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About this?  It’s not like nobody knew that the Almighty Israel has nukes. But from reading around the blogworld, you’d think it was some kind of epic announcement.  But the most asinine comment came from the King of the Ding-bat morning shows, “Fox and Friends”.

From “The Raw Story“..

“The extraordinary thing is a lot of people throughout the Mideast have assumed for a very long time that Israel had [nuclear weapons],” concluded Steve Doocy. “But nobody has ever said officially that they had it. So, here you have got this guy who was once upon a time the president of the United States doing just that. … He has just helped Iran.”

Let’s assume Iran didn’t “know” that the Almighty Israel had nukes. What’s going to happen? How does this help Iran? Again, I’m still not seeing why folks are upset about this. It sure doesn’t concern American soil.

But, for all of you who are whining about Ol’ Jimma the evangelical, I know none of you did the same when Sec. Gates said the same thing.

They are surrounded by powers with nuclear weapons – Pakistan to their east, the Russians to the north, the Israelis to the west and us in the Persian Gulf,” he told the Senate committee during his confirmation hearing.

Again, the selective outrage is deafening. How about not going after a fellow American, and going after people who spy on Americans. Oh, you haven’t heard?

Two former senior analysts for Aipac, Steven J. Rosen and Keith Weissman, are charged with violating the World War I-era Espionage Act when they told colleagues, journalists and Israeli Embassy officials information about Iran and Iraq they had learned from talking to high-level United States policymakers.

The. Selective. Outrage. Is. Deafening. 

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That about sums up Sen. Obama’s beliefs in a few words. For me, those words are as dangerous as Karl Marx’s famous quote “From each, according to his ability; to each, according to his need.”

Obama urges Wesleyan grads to enter public service

MIDDLETOWN, Conn. (AP) – Filling in for Sen. Edward M. Kennedy and tying himself to the family’s legacy, Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama urged college graduates Sunday to “make us believe again” by dedicating themselves to public service.

“We may disagree as Americans on certain issues and positions, but I believe we can be unified in service to a greater good.I intend to make it a cause of my presidency, and I believe with all my heart that this generation is ready and eager and up to the challenge,” Obama told Wesleyan University’s Class of 2008.

Frighting. But, let’s contrast this with Sen. McAmnesty’s thinking.

McCain once said “each and every one of us has a duty to serve a cause greater than our own self-interest.” That cause will be the good of the collective, often defined as the nation or the national community.

Again, frighting. Now that question is, my little sheeple, what’s the difference in their thinking? Not much from my eyes. Or, are they both trying to tell us something?

Do You Feel a Draft?

Just another reason why I will be voting for Bob Barr/Wayne Allyn Root. The Libertarian Party nominees.

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Quote and video Saturday.

This weekend we honor our fallen and give thanks to the people who fought for our “freedoms”. So when looking for a quote, I found myself looking at the Civil War. Being that Memorial Day was made to honor the Union, in slaughtering their own countrymen. 

The majority of us Americans will be honoring WW2, Korean War, Vietnam, and Gulf War Veterans, but we must not forget to also honor the Southern Peoples, who fought for their independence, liberty, and freedom from the tyrannical North.

Gen. Robert E. Lee: True patriotism sometimes requires of men to act exactly contrary, at one period, to that which it does at another, and the motive which impels them — the desire to do right — is precisely the same. 

And now for our video. The King, Elvis Presley doing the “American Trilogy” from Aloha from Hawaii.

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