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Back in 1995 when I was just starting into my political journey, I remember feeling proud of the Republican Party for allowing the Almighty Federal Government to shutdown. This was when the Republican Party was Conservative, and yes a bit Anti-Federal Government (I don’t have ADD). I can remember all these whiny politico’s on CnnCCP, and ABC’s Nightline complaining about this and that, and how this is bad for everyone. Nothing bad about it in my eyes. In fact, I was hoping it would last longer than it did.

Now comes news from The Hill, that this may once again happen.

Fears of a shutdown

The prospect of a September government shutdown loomed over the Capitol on Wednesday as the two parties fought over rising energy prices. It’s a fight some members of either party are willing to have, but others worry about who will get blamed for a repeat of the 1995 shutdown that President Clinton pinned on a Republican Congress.

Back in 1995 it was over the Budget, now it’s for “Rising Energy Prices”. Which infact is the fault of the Almighty Federal Government, as well as the Federal Reserve. Let’s not get facts in the way. You moron’s in Congress need to read some Economic books, and to Re-read the Constitution.

Back to the article…

Republicans would likely have to make the first move by filibustering a bill, or by President Bush vetoing a spending bill. Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.) said he doesn’t think the GOP would go through with it. “I believe the Republican Party would be risking even more wrath of the American people than they’ve gotten so far,”said Van Hollen, who’s in charge of electing more Democratic House members this fall. “I think the people on the Republican side will pull back.”

Wouldn’t feel my wrath Congressman. It would make me want to vote for them again. And, I may even decide to donate money to them, if this were to happen. But, the majority of the American people have been doped to believe, that if the Federal Government isn’t working, the country will go to hell in a hand basket.

 And that’s the problem. Folks, honesty besides the Defense of America (not our interests, or alleys) what does the Federal Government do to help your daily life? Not much. Well unless you are a parasite that sucks the money from my paycheck. Federal Welfare recipients, Government Contractors, Military Contractors, Federalizing Law Enforcement, just to name a few in the long list Welfare/Warfare collaborators.

So, will the Republican Party renew my faith in them, when they say “Limited Government”? Or will they blink and return to being the Socialists they’ve become.


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Why I left the Republican Party. And why it’s turned into nothing more than a bunch of Statist Loving Socialists. Stop Calling Yourselves Conservatives!!!

Huckabee, Lieberman Have Highest Favorables among Possible McCain Veep Choices

But a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that the two possible Republican running mates with the highest favorable ratings among voters – Mike Huckabee and Joseph Lieberman — are not even on most of the short lists currently being discussed.

Let’s take on Former Gov. Mike Huckabee first. He’s funny, charming, and “speaks for the little guy”. On the other hand, he’s for more Government. He would love to see a National Ban on Cigarettes, he would love to see the complete Federal takeover of Education, He’s for more War (not very Christian) and of course he’s for protecting “Our friend and Alley” Israel.(He is part of the Amen Corner) Oh, and apparently he’s for the “Fair Tax”. For a definition of the “Fair Tax”, look up Oxy-Moron. Because there is nothing Fair about any Tax.

Now for Sen. Joe Lieberman. He’s for abortion. He’s for more taxes. He’s for more Government. He’s for just about everything So-Called Conservatives profess to be against. But, the Amen Corner seems to love him. Because!? He’s for protecting our “Friend and Alley” Israel. Sen. Lieberman and the Amen Corner seem to mistake Tel Aviv for the Capital of the United States.

This poll just goes to show how left-ward the Republican Party has gone. Or what I’ve said before , “The Continuing Intellectual Bankruptcy of the So-Called Conservative Movement.” (I really need to trade mark that phrase). When So-Called Conservatives are wanting to see, not just one (Sen. McAmnesty) but two Big Government Bureaucrats running the White House again, something is wrong.

Do Real Conservatives have a choice in this charade we call “The Presidential Election”? In my eyes, we have two choices. Bob Barr, and Chuck Baldwin. But then again, most of my comrades will either stay home, or hold their noses and vote for Sen. McAmnesty. Because “Party Loyalty” is more important than principle.

Again, for the sake of us who believe in Limited Government, Entangling Alliances to None, Low to No Taxes, and putting America, First, Last and Always…Please stop calling yourselves Conservatives.

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Gen. David Petraeus seems to think he can make policy on the Iraq War. Sure he’s the commanding officer, and the “General behind the surge”. (That and the bribing of Iraqi insurgents not to fight US Forces) .This to me ,is as arrogant as the day is long. He’s not an elected official, he is an appointed General.

Petraeus won’t join bandwagon for Iraq withdrawal timetable

BAGHDAD — The top U.S. military commander in Iraq isn’t buying the increasingly popular idea of a publicly stated timetable for American troop withdrawal. Gen. David Petraeus, the Iraq commander, said in an interview with McClatchy that the situation in Iraq is too volatile to “project out, and to then try to plant a flag on, a particular date.

The last time I checked Gen. Petraeus doesn’t really have a choice in the matter. So for him to come out, and make a “policy statement” like this is disgusting. Can or should he have his say? Sure, why not, but it’s not up to him to say when our troops can come home. That is the job of our “elected leaders”.

But, I have no doubt the Sean Hannity’s, and Mark Levin’s of the talk-show and Republican (not conservative) blogworld will hail Gen. Petraeus as some kind of “man of principle”. I do have the up most respect for the Gen. don’t get me wrong. What I don’t like is people making him out to being some kind of “Savior” on Iraq.

On a personal note, this whole thing is one big joke. One thing (and I stress one thing) I agree with Sen. B.O. on is that Iraq was a war of choice. The Iraq War goes against my belief in the Catholic Just War Theory.It had nothing to do with America’s security. When I say America’s security, I mean American Soil. Not our Interests, Not our “Alleys“, and certainly Not this Wilsonian Utopian dream of “Bring Democracy to the World by the barrel of a Gun”. That thinking right there, is as Leftists as it comes. Not Conservative at all.

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I want you to do everything in your power, to show support for this blog, MPD Enforcer 2.0 . Why do you ask? Because a Government Thug, the Police Director of Memphis doesn’t like what the blog has to say.

Police director sues for critical bloggers’ names

Memphis Police Director Larry Godwin and the city of Memphis have filed a lawsuit to learn who operates a blog harshly critical of Godwin and his department. The lawsuit asks AOL to produce all information related to the identity of an e-mail address linked to MPD Enforcer 2.0 a blog popular with police officers that has been extremely critical of police leadership at 201 Poplar.

That’s right folks. These people, some even police officers who are critical of their Government Over Lords, are being targeted for their Freedom of Speech. This is not right. In fact, this is scary.

Back to the article…”We are quite interested in preserving the anonymity of the bloggers,” said Hedy Weinberg, executive director of the ACLU of Tennessee. “Anonymous speech has long been protected speech under the First Amendment.”

Now, take a second and just read the last two posts I’ve put on this blog. I am extremely critical of the Government. I can not imagine for the life of me, being sued because they don’t like what I have to say. For you hard-core Republicans (sorry, you aren’t Conservative) this would be like, if Sen. B.O. became President and started going after you guys, because you don’t agree with his policy’s. And for you Leftists, this would be like, if your worse night-mare of El Presidente Bush, was coming true.

This is something both sides of the blog world can get behind. If this case goes forward, and say a Government Judge sides with his Government Crony’s, who’s to say, what site is next. Stop the ACLU? Daily KosRedState? Gun Toting Liberal?  or will it be a “little guy” blog that will feel the brunt of the Almighty Federal Government, like MPD Enforcer 2.0.

This is something we all should be paying attention to. These are our Rights as Americans. And I will be damned if this kind of thing is tolerated.

“I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!”

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I personally, do not like flying. In fact I hate it. But I do it, because there are times when you just have to. While I am standing in line to get on a plane, I generally get sweaty palms, become nervous, my heart rate goes up a bit, and look a bit pale. That is how I am. Now, I know there’s pills out there that can calm me down, like Valium, but I don’t pop pills.  Couple all of that with my dark complexion, and it gets a bit scary, when standing in line.

With that said, it looks like the Almighty Federal Transportation  Security Administration would pull me aside for “additional” scrutiny. It seems the Almighty TSA, has some new tricks up it’s selves to make people even more angry.

Got fear of flying? Better try to suppress it, at least until you’re on the airplane, because the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has started conducting random additional at-gate screening of airline passenger who display “involuntary physical and physiological” actions indicating stress, fear or deception.

That would be me folks and more than likely a lot of other folks as well.

The article goes on to say…..While the TSA acknowledges that displaying stress or fear while waiting in line to get on an airplane does not automatically mark a person as a terrorist or criminal, they believe the enhanced behavioral screening can help their security officers determine if an individual poses a higher security risk.

Right, and I’m the next Pope.

Passenger safety continues to be our mission as we use flexible measures in our approach to random screening” assures the TSA in a press release. Your safety is our priority” So, whatever you do, relax.

No, your priority is to keep your job. Not my safety, or anyone else’s for that matter. Again PRIVATIZE Airport Security.

A update to my post below is in order. Here’s the video of the 71 year old, wheel chair bound man, getting a taste of “Your safety is our priority”. What a crock.

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Shut Up!!!

Stop complaining!!  This is for your own good. We are the Government, We have the Power to tell you what you can and can’t do. We Give You these “Rights” You speak of, Not this “God Character”. Don’t You know that Americans who choose to fly, are under the guidance of us, The Federal Government? Don’t you remember what happened on 9/11? (Yeah, the day you, the Federal Government, failed us. That day? )

Now listen here Old Man (71,who’s in a wheel chair) when we tell you to take off your belt, we mean take off your belt. So stop complaining when we pull down your pants. Oh, you did tell us that you have a “Metal Leg”, but in our eyes (like the majority of Law Enforcement) every American is a suspect.

In Chicago, people like Robert Perry are subjected to exhaustive security checks. He was patted down, his wheel chair was examined and his hands were swabbed, all in public view in a see-through room at the security checkpoint. Perry, 71, is not alone. “It’s humiliation,” Perry said.

Perry was also taken to a see-through room by a TSA agent when his artificial knee set off the metal detector. “He yelled at me to get the belt off. ‘I told you to get the belt off.’ So I took the belt off. He ran his hands down over and pulled the pants down, they went down around my ankle,” Perry said. 

At that point, Perry was standing in his underwear in public view. He asked to see a supervisor. That made things worse. “She was yelling ‘I have power, I have power, I have power,” Perry said. The power to stop him from flying to Florida with his wife that day to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary.

Silly old man, who does he think he is? We, The Federal Transportation Security Administration, can do what ever we want. You have Freedom of Speech you say? Not on my watch you don’t. You Shut Up, and take orders from me!!

Don’t you remember what happened on 9/11? Silly Old Man.

Authors Note: This is a sarcastic look into what goes on in the mind of a Federal Thug. I do NOT trust anybody, in any kind of authority type position, that gets a paycheck from the Federal Government. They are NOT held accountable for their thuggish actions. Again, I believe that Airport security should be privatized. That way when someone employed by the airline, acts like this, and violates an Americans Constitutional Rights, they would be fired on the spot. But, since they get a paycheck from the Almighty Federal Government (mine and yours taxes) they more than likely will get a promotion.

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His op-ed piece printed in the NY Times. BoofrigginHoo. And the reason given by the NY Times for this?

‘It would be terrific to have an article from Senator McCain that mirrors Senator Obama’s piece,’ NYT Op-Ed editor David Shipley explained in an email late Friday to McCain’s staff. ‘I’m not going to be able to accept this piece as currently written.’

Now, if you read Sen. B.O’s op-ed you will see, Sen. B.O, only used McAmnesty’s name 3 times by my count. And if you read Sen. McAmnesty’s op-ed, he uses Sen. B.O’s name 9 times. Sen. B.O’s op-ed spells out what he wants to do with regards to Iraq, while Sen. McAmnesty’s op-ed is mainly attacking Sen. B.O’s view.

So, I can’t say I blame the NY Times for rejecting the piece. Also something to think about, would it be to far fetched to believe Sen. McAmnestys campaign knew exactly what they were doing? As in, they knew the op-ed would be rejected, and with it being rejected, to try an show how the “Liberal Media” is “bias”?

I personally really could careless about this whole matter. It’s just something the “Republican Blog-World” and the mouth pieces (Hannity, Levin etc..) can piss and moan about.

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