Is it a reaction to their hatred towards President Obama and the current state of ‘Murican politics?

Since President Obama has been elected something strange (to me at least) has happened. A lot of people who in 2008 who weren’t only quoting Senor Sen. McCain when he said “When I look into Putin’s eyes, I see K.G.B.”, they were cheering the Senator on when he said “We are all Georgians now” and calling for War with Mother Russia, are saying nice things about President Putin.

Granted there are a few that still look at President Putin as some sort of evil, Glenn Beck comes to mind. And there are few since the beginning that have defended President Putin, “Uncle” Pat Buchanan comes to mind. (Well, he’s been defending Mother Russia since the Wall fell) But you get the point.

Now, I ask, why does it seem Republicans are taking a liking to the ex-KGB bureaucrat? Could it be that the perception is that he’s a traditionalist? A strong leader? Not afraid to show his masculinity?  Those are qualities that I like to see when one is in a leadership role. I didn’t think those were things Tea Party Republicans liked. They preach “Liberty, Freedom and Free Markets”. When I think of Putin, I think Hierarchy and the Natural Order of things, which has nothing to do with American Classical Liberalism.

Or is all of this just a reaction to the perception that President Obama is a bit of a wimp? If Sen. McCain or Gov. Romney had won the elections, would these same people (besides Uncle Pat) be saying the same nice things they are saying about President Putin? What say you Republicans.

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The annual Harris poll that asks Americans what their favorite sport is has come out.  According to the poll and for the 30th year running, the National Football League  is the most enjoyed sport by a mile.

From the poll: In 2014, 35 percent of fans call the NFL their favorite sport, followed by Major League Baseball (14 percent), college football (11 percent), auto racing (7 percent), the NBA (6 percent), the NHL (5 percent) and college basketball (3 percent).

That’s a huge gap between the NFL and Major League Baseball.  Here are some reasons that I believe are the reason why the NFL is widely more popular than baseball in Modern American cultural.

1. It’s easy to follow and fast paced. If you’re a baseball fan like I am, I’m sure you have heard someone say “I can’t follow baseball, it’s too slow”. In football, the object is to get to the other side of the field. That’s it. In baseball, you have to run bases, keep an eye on the pitcher so he doesn’t throw you out, as well as the catcher. Oh and in order to get on base? You gotta hit the ball, or get 4 “balls” tossed to you. Whereas in football, you just have cross the line without getting tackled.

2. Violence. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell you that most Americans enjoy violence. In baseball, the only violence you seldom see is a bench clearing brawl. Which most of the time is just a bunch of pushing and pointing fingers at each other. I don’t have to explain how the NFL is different from that. If you need a case and point, the Super Bowl is this Sunday.

3. Four 15 minute quarters, with a half time in between. This is a huge reason why I think a lot of folks love this game. It also goes back to what I said in my first comment, that it makes it easy to follow.  In baseball you are given 9 innings and all the time in the world to win the game.  And if a team hasn’t won the game in 9 innings, there are given another inning to win it. Making the time you have invested in this game ranging from 2 and a half hours to 4 hours and on. This can be a bit to much for the fan who wants a quick fast paced game. As a friend once said to me, “Baseball is played by God’s watch”.

4. It’s mainly played on Sunday. One day a week and if your team is lucky enough to win a few games they get to play on Monday Night Football. The NFL season is only 16 games,  and for baseball there is a 162 game season. That’s a lot of games for the modern American mind.

5. Most Americans have ADD. It’s true. Don’t believe me? Go turn on one the 24 hour news channel.  (And if you are still reading, you must be a baseball fan.)

One more thing from the poll I thought was interesting is how the demographics broke down fans of the sports listed.

A sport’s popularity varies greatly based on demographics. More people who live in rural areas on the East coast say they’re fans of the NFL than the general U.S. population. Those with an annual household income of more than $100,000 are more likely to be baseball fans, while African Americans are less likely to enjoy the sport, the poll reveals. More southerners call college football their favorite sport, while those with a high school education or less tend to gravitate to auto racing.

That tells me two things. A. You gotta be smart to enjoy baseball. B. Stereotypes are true for a reason.

All in all, the NFL has done a wonderful job at marketing their product and fans keep wanting more of it. One major difference I see between the NFL and MLB is, the NFL is an ever changing game. It’s as if it’s a leftist progressive game. Ever changing rules, more safety regulations, more red tape for hurt players, and so on. If you were bring back to life some NFL players from the 50’s and 60’s and placed them on a team today, they would have no idea what game you were playing. But in baseball, you could bring back to life, Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, Ted Williams, Walter Johnson and so on, and they would still feel Right at home.

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No, I’m not talking about that so-called State of the Union speech or the number of “responses” made by Republicans, Tea Partiers, Conservatives, or what ever you folks are calling yourselves these days. It’s ridiculous, but this is what you get in a Demotism

What I am talking about are three phenomenal albums that have been released this past month. We start with the return of Jake E. Lee. It’s been years since we heard from Mr. Lee, and the debut album with his new band “Red Dragon Cartel” does not disappoint. Beginning with the opening track “Deceived” we are treated to a classic Jake E. Lee style riff that makes you smile to yourself and say thank you for returning to my ears Mr. Lee. A few of the songs on the album have guest vocals. and the one big stand out, out of these tunes is “Feeder” with Robin Zander of Cheap Trick singing with his signature style.  It’s a great album over all, with a couple of minor blah’s, but not enough to complain about. Welcome back Jake.

The second album out of this January 2014 trinity, is the new one from the Almighty Michael Schenker called “Bridge the Gap“. Returning for vocal duties on this album is Doogie White who’s voice is a nice compliment to Schenker’s melodic style of guitar playing. Also joining in the fun is two former members of the Scorpions , drummer Herman Rarebell and bassists Francis Buchholz. The one thing that makes this album sound fresh is that it has a modern sound to it, but also remaining true to Schenker’s simple but brilliant guitar sound. Stand out tracks are: “Where the wild winds blow“, “Lord of the lost and lonely“, and “To live for the king“.

The third release in this trio, comes from  the long running riff masters of metal, Iced Earth called “Plagues of Babylon“. Riff after Riff after Riff. Quality and high octane Heavy Metal. With Stu Block returning to sing the apocalyptic lyrics of Jon Schaffer, we are treated to a roller coaster of epic-ness that only Mr. Schaffer and the boys can deliver. Half of the tracks on the album go along with the “Something Wicked” story line and the other half are stand alone songs. Members of this band come and go, but the formula of riffs, rib cage rattling drums and soaring vocals keeps us fans in line wanting more.  Tracks to enjoy: “Cthulhu“, ” Plagues of Babylon“, and “The end?

A final note.  The long rumored Motley Crue retirement tour has come true. My first album (actual album, you know the big round things) was Motley Crue’s “Shout at the devil“. I can still remember, walking into the Sam Goody’s, in my Catholic school boy uniform, and buying this album which had the pentagram on the front cover. Then getting home and playing this album front to back, over and over again. That album, and  this band hold a special place in my heart. Thank you Motley Crue, for all the fun, fist pumping, beer drinking, and all out rock and roll.

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This Monday will be when I will start posting and writing regularly. In the mean time, these news items have kept my interest.

First up, news from the Fatherlands and Mother Soils of Europe. Hungarian far-right leader Gabor Vona vows to address rally in London. Vona seems like the real deal to me. The Hungarian’s are good people who put their people first. I hope London gives him a listen.

This is a mess, what’s happening in Ukraine. EU official meets Ukraine’s Yanukovych amid protest stalemate. What’s crazy about this, is there are three factions protesting. Pro-Russian alliance (the natural alliance), Pro EU protesters (see US backed  and un-natural alliance) and then, there are Ukrainian Nationalists. Lets hope this ugly episode ends peacefully, and they go with what the Government wanted in the first place, an alliance with Mother Russia.

Here in America, where the Usurers trump the Middle class. Moody’s just downgraded the health insurance industry. Obamacare was part of the reason. Now, I am no fan of Obamacare, and do understand the message which Moody’s is sending. But, why do we allow this agency, or others like it, to have any kind of rule over the economy of not just the US, but the whole Western world? Baffles me.

In the Great White North. Canadian citizenship rules face broad reform in 2014. “We need to be able to take citizenship away from dual nationals in extreme cases, where they’ve crossed a line that I think all Canadians will agree are grounds for that kind of move.” – When’s the last time you heard an ‘Murican politician talk like that? Love my Canadian brethren!

Uh oh. Prices plummet for SB tickets.  Now how can that be, when it’s the most popular sport in God’s universe? Oh well. I will be sitting in the comfort of my own home, with no meathead football fans surrounding me and rooting for the Broncos and Peyton Manning. Unlike some, I won’t go into a depression when football ends. Barclay’s Premier League is in full swing (Go Arsenal!) and opening day for God’s true favorite sport that plays on his time, is March 31,2014. Let’s Go Nats!

In other news: According to the Atlantic, if you are of European blood and have a beard, you’re a racist. The Racially Fraught History of the American Beard.”.. a fashion born out of desperation but transformed into a symbol of masculine authority and white supremacy” – Well then. If you have a beard, wear it proud my Occidental friends.

Last but not least, the Boss put out a new album called “High Hopes“. I suggest getting it just for the new version of “Ghost of Tom Joad” with Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine fame. I give the album a solid 7 out of 10. It’s a different  kind album that we are use to from Bruce, but it’s good.

Until then..

I’m going to give this another go. Have way to many ideas, things I want to say and in general I find the current state of mainstream politics as intellectually bankrupt as a coked out ex-porn star.

Time for something new, something beautiful, something deeper, something meaningful. You say you want to “take back your country”? I want to move forward and help bring about a re-awaking of Western Civilization.

Until then..

That the Dictator in Chief was going to “bring the troops home” (we see how that’s worked out), my friends from the “Civil Liberties” department tried to tell me that the D.I.C would be fantastic on these basic Constitutional Rights.

Well, what say you now…Obama Supports DNA Sampling Upon Arrest

“We have 18 states who are taking DNA upon arrest,” Walsh said. “It’s no different than fingerprinting or a booking photo. … Since those states have been doing it, it has cleared 200 people that are innocent from jail.”

“It’s the right thing to do,” Obama replied. “This is where the national registry becomes so important, because what you have is individual states — they may have a database, but if they’re not sharing it with the state next door, you’ve got a guy from Illinois driving over into Indiana, and they’re not talking to each other.

How can anyone who reads the 4th and 10th Amendments to the Constitution tell me this is a good idea? Seriously folks. It’s bad enough the Almighty (Praise be to it) Government issues a S.S. number at my birth, but to have my DNA is a whole lot scarier.

Take for instances, if you got a extortion/speeding ticket and forgot to pay it. A warrant is issued for your arrest. You find yourself pulled over and put in handcuffs.You’re going to tell me that some Government enforcer is going to “swab” me because I didn’t pay them on time? Yeah, that’s not going to fly.

I’m sure some Red State Chest Thumper’s will be just fine with this because of some nonsensical view that it’s for “National Security” and more than likely some Blue State Whack-a-do’s, but myself, an Individual, will fight tooth and nail this gross intervention into my privacy.

“Ron, you are one of the most fun and laid back guys to be around, but when we bring up the Government you turn into a whole different person. Why is that?”  I always respond with “Because the Government (No distinction between Republican or Democrat in my eyes) is always trying to steal from me or regulate something in my life. From the size of my toilet, to the Anti-Smoking Nazi’s, to  people who believe it’s for the children, and of course the Food Nazi’s”

And speaking of the Food Nazi’s, it seems that a group of Pediatricians want to redesign the all American classic, the Hot Dog. For what reason you ask? Because, wait for it…It’s for the children

From the article..”We know what shape, sizes and consistencies pose the greatest risk for choking in children and whenever possible food manufacturers should design foods to avoid those characteristics, or redesign existing foods when possible, to change those characteristics to reduce the choking risk,” said Dr. Gary Smith, immediate-past chairman of the American Academy of Pediatrics’ Committee on Injury, Violence and Poison Prevention and lead author of the organization’s new policy statement on preventing choking.

Now, who doesn’t want children choking on hot dogs? This is why man created forks and knives to cut food that would not choke you to death. Do children die from choking on foods? Yes. And as parents they take ever precaution they can to prevent this. Parents, is the key word here.

And whose ear does this group of Pediatricians have? The Almighty F.D.A.

“The FDA is concerned about the deaths and serious injuries caused by choking,” said agency spokeswoman Rita Chappelle. “We will also continue to consult with the Consumer Product Safety Commission on assessing choking hazards associated with food and take action against food products that are ‘unfit for food’ on a case-by-case basis.

There you have it friends. Your Government wants (and will) to regulate the size of your hot dogs. So, my friends who ask me why I turn into a different person when it comes to speaking about the Government, this is why.

Who want’s to start the “Hot Dog Black Market” with me?

h/t Wendy McElroy