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First off, I was really giving it a go on trying to do a post on the top Alt-Right films in my view. But besides being a terrible writer, I’m an even worse movie reviewer. But I did come up with a top 5 that if you feel like talking about, be my guest

Number 5: Robin Hood. Staring Russel Crow, Cate Blanchett and directed by Ridley Scott. Why? I loved the localism, the belief in taking care of their own people, and of course Robin’s speech.

Number 4: Watchmen. What hasn’t been said about this classic graphic novel, turned amazing film.

Number 3: Death Wish. Staring Charles Bronson. And if you have to ask “Why?” , please go re-watch this classic.

Number 2: They Live. Staring Rowdy Roddy Piper, and directed by John Carpenter,  The ultimate “Red Pill” film.

And my the number 1 film(s)The Dark Knight Trilogy directed by Christopher Nolan. From wanting to “save the city of Gotham” to wanting to “What is falling, push” – This collection of films has it all for us on the dissident Right .

Have at it folks. Yes? No? You’re crazy? Tell me.

And now on with the week..

The classic German metal band Accept, put out there new album “Blind Rage” this past Tuesday and it has been on constant repeat all week. These guys can do no wrong. The riffs, the singing and the relentless drum pounding, makes this album another classic in their catalog. If you buy the CD, it comes with a DVD of a concert they did in Chili.

In other music news, the emo-black metalish band Deafheaven released a new single to Pitchfork media called “From the kettle onto the coil“. This band continues to amaze me. If you haven’t heard them, think My Bloody Valentine meets Mayhem. Best way I can describe them.

In world affairs..Some whackjob Muslim group, in that beacon of Jeffersonian Dumbocracy Iraq, decided to behead a journalist. The predictable reaction by the usual suspects was what you would expect. “Bomb, bomb, bomb”. ( Even though the US government has bombing this country off and on for 25 years and they still continue to resist). Besides the Holy Father calling the Foley family which was rather touching. As far as I know, no elected by “we the people” politician has done so, I could be wrong, But why hasn’t anyone asked “what in God’s name, was this guy doing hanging out with this crowd”?

US national news..Riots in some slum in Missouri over some thug being shot by some cop. In other news, Chicago continues it’s world record pace for murders. Conservative, INC. decides once again to talk about “race realism” by using liberal logic and the the Left continues to cry rayyyyyist. PC-Judo as Mr. Spencer calls it.

On the nightstand this week..Batman Year 100 by Paul Pope and a recommendation by my good friend Bruce, “Leisure the Basis of Culture” by Josef Pieper.  From the back cover it reads “The modern world, on the other hand, has generally abolished leisure and has replaced it with the world of “total work”. This has led to much of modern restlessness and despair“. Yeah, I’m going to like this one. Thanks Bruce!

And finally in sports news. The Washington Nationals are still the best team in the NL and Arsenal F.C. won their opening match beginning the Barclay’s Premier League season.

Until then…Don’t just say you’re a Radical Traditionalist, Live it.


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I’m going to be thinking about a top 10 Alt-Right/Neo-Reaction movie list. That will be put up here in the next few days. If anyone has any suggestions, don’t hesitate to tell me.

The “paleo” diet does work. It takes discipline but it works. The hardest thing giving up was a good plate of macaroni with gravy and meatballs. Now, I can just have the meatballs. Not a bad trade off, but growing up in a Italian home, it’s strange, Cause you just can’t have one without the other. But the pay off? The smoking hot lady thinks it’s sexy.

And lets be honest, you can’t just say you’re a Radical Traditionalist. You have to live it. Not only have my eating habits changed (along with my views) but I ditched the nonsense of modern shaving, and now I’m wet shaving with a safety razor. Again, Live it. 

Great book called “The Paleo Manifesto” by John Durant is highly recommended.

July 28th marks the 100th anniversary of the beginnings of “The Great War”. Which there was nothing great about this war. The death, the destruction, Old Europe crumbling, just a heart breaking thing to think about. The French Revolution continued on a grand scale.

Book recs on World War 1: “The Assassination of the Archduke” and “Sleepwalkers“.

The mighty Judas Priest released a new album called “Redeemer of Souls”. There first album since :Nostradamus” and their first with new guitarist Richie Faulkner, who replaced K.K. Downing after he decided to retire and build golf courses. Over all, it’s a great Priest album. It has what we’ve come to expect from a Priest album.. Great riffs, pulse pounding drums and the Metal God’s screams. If you’re a Priest fan, go and pick it up or download it. It’s a good one.

Another legend in the music world also released a new album. My favorite whiny Limey, Morrissey put out a new album called “World Peace is None of Your Business“. I didn’t have high expectations for this album, but it’s surprisingly very good. Sounds like our favorite post modern crooner has been hanging out in Latin America, a lot of Latin influence can be heard. I have been enjoying it and think you will as well.

As for my sports world, Arsenal FC have made some serious moves to become better. I for one am applauding Mr. Wenger  aggressiveness that he has shown for going out and finding the missing pieces that will bring us back to the top of the table and hopefully a Champions League title would be nice.

The Washington Nationals, continue to win. Not going to say anymore, don’t want to jinx it. 

Until then…

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Is it needed? And if so, what should it be?

In my travels through the “Dark Enlightenment” and “Alt-Rightists/New Right” circles, there’s a lot discussion on modernity and how it’s been awful for our people. One of those things I believe that has been destructive has been our “either or” culture. It’s either Capitalism or Communism.  There’s no in between. You either love Walmart or Not. You either love Wall Street or you support the Occupy Wall Streeters. In our “either or” culture you can’t say, well some of the Occupy commies have a point on some of the issues, without some Fox News Republican biting your head off and saying you hate America. It’s very NFL fan cheering like. You get my point.

Within these groups of Reactionaries and Radical Rightists, there is talk of economics. From the Barter system, to Fascism, to Distributism/Agrarian and Social Credit, to Austrian Libertarian Economics and Public Banking. A lot of “Third Way” discussion. If we are to believe the “experts” who keep saying the collapse is coming, it’s my belief that we should be the ones who will be best prepared for the future.

Over at the great companion site to the journal of the same name, Radix, there was a recent podcast with Richard Spencer, Jack Donovan author of the book The Way of Men (highly recommended) and the author of the book Survive – The Economic Collapse, Piero San Giorgio. (Which I have been reading bits and pieces of, and out of the survival genre, it’s been the best. It actually talks about what to do, it’s not a pissing and moaning about how this all happened, type of Republican book). In the podcast they talk about the Post-Modern world and what it has done to men and our respect for communities, hierarchy and our natural order of doing things.  If you have time, listen to it. It’s a great podcast and touches on this subject.

Which brings me back to the talk of a economic policy for us on the Right. We as a group should be coming together and saying “hey, this is the way” when all this comes falling down. Yes I know there are differences within these movements. But we should be putting our ideas together and not just talking about abstract ideas, but putting them into use. Like myself, over the past several months, the Lady and I have been talking about buying a small farm, or a piece of land big enough to have a green house in the back yard to grow our own food. We aren’t talking about going “off the grid” but we also don’t want to be beholden to a system that some people believe will crash. It’s this type of thing that needs to be hammered out in our discussion forums, social media accounts and what not to come together and to show there is a Third Way to the noise of our either Capitalism or Communism cultural.

In a world where morals and the cultural decay have continued , we should be the light at the end of the tunnel. Let’s get to work and present a sound economic plan for our peoples future.

Will leave with a quote from Major C.H. Douglas, the founder of the Social Credit movement, which I believe should be one of the building blocks for our economic policy, from a speech he gave called The Tragedy of Human Effort – How is it that in 1495 the laborer was able to maintain himself in a standard of living considerably higher, relatively to his generation, than that of the present time, with only fifty days of labor a year, whereas millions are working in an age of marvelous machinery the whole year round, in an effort to maintain themselves and their families just above destitution. 

Recommended books on farming – You Can Farm by Joel Salatin and The Contrary Farmer by Gene Logsdon.

Recommended books on usury and the movements and solutions that have and are trying to stop it – The Banking Swindle by Kerry Bolton, Web of Debt and The Public Bank Solution by Ellen Brown.

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