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First off, I was really giving it a go on trying to do a post on the top Alt-Right films in my view. But besides being a terrible writer, I’m an even worse movie reviewer. But I did come up with a top 5 that if you feel like talking about, be my guest

Number 5: Robin Hood. Staring Russel Crow, Cate Blanchett and directed by Ridley Scott. Why? I loved the localism, the belief in taking care of their own people, and of course Robin’s speech.

Number 4: Watchmen. What hasn’t been said about this classic graphic novel, turned amazing film.

Number 3: Death Wish. Staring Charles Bronson. And if you have to ask “Why?” , please go re-watch this classic.

Number 2: They Live. Staring Rowdy Roddy Piper, and directed by John Carpenter,  The ultimate “Red Pill” film.

And my the number 1 film(s)The Dark Knight Trilogy directed by Christopher Nolan. From wanting to “save the city of Gotham” to wanting to “What is falling, push” – This collection of films has it all for us on the dissident Right .

Have at it folks. Yes? No? You’re crazy? Tell me.

And now on with the week..

The classic German metal band Accept, put out there new album “Blind Rage” this past Tuesday and it has been on constant repeat all week. These guys can do no wrong. The riffs, the singing and the relentless drum pounding, makes this album another classic in their catalog. If you buy the CD, it comes with a DVD of a concert they did in Chili.

In other music news, the emo-black metalish band Deafheaven released a new single to Pitchfork media called “From the kettle onto the coil“. This band continues to amaze me. If you haven’t heard them, think My Bloody Valentine meets Mayhem. Best way I can describe them.

In world affairs..Some whackjob Muslim group, in that beacon of Jeffersonian Dumbocracy Iraq, decided to behead a journalist. The predictable reaction by the usual suspects was what you would expect. “Bomb, bomb, bomb”. ( Even though the US government has bombing this country off and on for 25 years and they still continue to resist). Besides the Holy Father calling the Foley family which was rather touching. As far as I know, no elected by “we the people” politician has done so, I could be wrong, But why hasn’t anyone asked “what in God’s name, was this guy doing hanging out with this crowd”?

US national news..Riots in some slum in Missouri over some thug being shot by some cop. In other news, Chicago continues it’s world record pace for murders. Conservative, INC. decides once again to talk about “race realism” by using liberal logic and the the Left continues to cry rayyyyyist. PC-Judo as Mr. Spencer calls it.

On the nightstand this week..Batman Year 100 by Paul Pope and a recommendation by my good friend Bruce, “Leisure the Basis of Culture” by Josef Pieper.  From the back cover it reads “The modern world, on the other hand, has generally abolished leisure and has replaced it with the world of “total work”. This has led to much of modern restlessness and despair“. Yeah, I’m going to like this one. Thanks Bruce!

And finally in sports news. The Washington Nationals are still the best team in the NL and Arsenal F.C. won their opening match beginning the Barclay’s Premier League season.

Until then…Don’t just say you’re a Radical Traditionalist, Live it.


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Now that you have finally come out and said how you really feel about aspects of the “Right“, I wish some of the people you pointed your finger to would do the same.

These past 8 years, the definition of “Conservatism” got real, real muddied. And you Charles, Pamela Geller, Robert SpencerThe Jawa Report  and a host of you people became “voices of the Right”. Why? Because  they cheered for War. Oh, and for some reason people started thinking they had some sort of Masters Degree  in Islam because they read a few passages from the Koran. That’s all. And with that, the belief was that War and your hatred for Islam, meant you were a Conservative.  When in fact, there’s nothing Conservative about War. ( I think Islam is a very dangerous religion, just for the record)

What amuses me about the whole “coming out” post is, he really only rips into three people who are the Real Right. Pat Buchanan, Lew Rockwell and Stacy McCain. The rest are a smörgåsbord of tyrants, control freaks, and “Johnny Come Lately’s” to the Conservative Movement.  No wonder people have such a screwed up belief on what it means to be a Conservative. (Thank you George W. Bush)

So, Bravo to you Charles on “coming out”. Now I just wish some of the others would “come out” with ya.

Update: Rick Moran brings up a few good points in his post. And I do find myself in agreement with what hes saying. Especially about the “anti-intellectual” belief that does plague most of the Manufactured Right.  This notion that the elected representatives need to talk like “Joe-Six pack”  and not like someone who graduated from High School needs to stop.

But Rick goes off the rails , when he goes into agreement with Charles on the whole “Anti-Government” lunacy.

This anarcho-conservatism, where some kind of 19th century government is envisioned as the optimal solution to our problems, is a throwback to pre-Buckley days. It is unthinking, illogical, and oblivious to how the world has changed since the heyday of Robert Taft. Ultimately, it is a fearful kind of conservatism that can’t recognize or deal with change and seeks the safety of an idealized past.

Two things here: I don’t think the Manufactured Right wants some sort of “anarcho-conservatism”. That’s nonsense.Most of these people want George W. Bush’s Government back. Not some form of Constitutional Limited Government like they claim.

And I wonder how many people even know who Sen.Robert “Mr.Republican” Taft is today? I can almost guarantee that if you brought up Sen.Taft’s beliefs (I happen to agree with a lot of his stances) most Red Staters would think he was some anti-American liberal.

I have to say, this whole “Conservative Crack Up” is really interesting to watch.

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Sorry about that. But, sometimes life does get in the way of things. I’ve also been fighting the good fight over at Blog Talk Radio. Which has been a lot of fun. Even got a “co-hosting” gig. Yes yours truly “co-hosts” a show. Imagine that.

First of all, I want to say Congratulations to the Dictator President-Elect, Barack Hussein Obama. You ran a hell of a campaign. When you can dupe that many people into voting for you, you have my respect.  I also see you have a few new friends from my side of the aisle. They see your National Security team and just go into orgasmic relief. Or as Max Boot, the chief arm-chair quarterback for any War said  “although Clinton and Steinberg at State should be powerful voices for “neo-liberalism” which is not so different in many respects from “neo-conservativism”. Both, for instance, support humanitarian interventions in places like Darfur and Bosnia.” Have fun with your new friends, Mr. Dictator President-Elect. 

Now for a few things on whats going on my side of the political pendulum. I’ve been hearing a lot of talk from my Republican/Conservative friends for the need to go back to “First Principles“. Which I think means (but don’t quote me on this, we do know how some of them can be a bit inconsistent), getting back to the philosophy of “Limited Government”, and mainly the “Constitution”. Allow me to be the first to say, Welcome Back Aboard. I’ve missed you these past few years. It’s been rather lonely over in this corner. Don’t worry though, I won’t become to friendly with you, because as soon as a Republican gets back in the White House, most of you will change your tunes.

These next four years are going to be bumpy, and maybe even ugly. Who knows, things could turn out amazing. But I doubt it. With the Bank Bailouts, the Union Auto-Industry Bailouts, and the Federalization of our daily lives becomes more increased in the name of  the “War on Terror”; We, the folks who believe in Freedom and Liberty (not Democrat or Republican) must not sit back and allow this to happen.

With all of this said, I’m back. Pissed, Angry, and more energized than ever.

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Yes, you read that right. I am jumping off the band wagon. Twenty years ago, when the real Conservative Movement was alive and well, you couldn’t even get in the door without saying hello to Mrs. Phyllis Schlafly. Mrs. Schlafly to us Real Conservatives, is the Goddess of the Movement. Plan and Simple. She has been a tireless warrior for the cause of Freedom and Liberty. But now, she just got tossed under the bus. For what you ask? To kiss the rings of AIPAC.

Palin Speech Is Abruptly Canceled

ST. PAUL, Minn. — The McCain campaign is showing signs of being spooked by the press frenzy about Governor Palin‘s family, abruptly canceling a scheduled appearance by the presumptive vice presidential nominee, moving to keep the candidate under wraps until today’s prime-time speech at the Republican National Convention here.

Spooked? What a joke.

The organizers of the Republican National Coalition for Life’s cocktail-buffet reception told The New York Sun that the McCain campaign called them late Monday evening to cancel the appearance of the Alaskagovernor. Mrs. Palin did meet behind closed doors with leaders of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.

The founder of Eagle Forum and the organizer of the Coalition for Life Palin event, Phyllis Schlafly, Monday told The New York Sun that she “had no idea” why the McCain campaign yanked Mrs. Palin from her speaking engagement. The Alaska governor had been booked two months in advance for the $95-a-ticket reception.

Mrs. Schlafly, it breaks my heart to see this happen to you. You, Pat Buchanan, and the Goldwater family, are why a lot of us are American Conservatives today. But like you, and Uncle Pat and my Goldwater Cousins, we all have been thrown under the bus.

According to one Republican source familiar with the meeting, Mrs. Palin was introduced to Aipac leaders here by Senator Lieberman. And there it is. The new standard bearers of “Conservatism”. AIPAC.

This source said Mrs. Palin “talked about her personal connection to Israel that she has had since she was a young child, it has been part of her views and how important this small country was for so many people for so many reasons.” This source also said, “She subscribes to Senator McCain’s ‘never again’ policy,” a slogan popularized after the Holocaust and a promise never to allow genocide to go unchallenged. Mrs. Palin also said her mother had recently traveled to Israel, according to this source, and that she displayed an Israeli flag in her office in Juneau.

Conservative? Sure. American First? Hardly. Treasonous to display another flag in a American Governors office? You betcha.

You had me going there Gov. Palin. You even had me toying with the idea of voting for the mcAmnesty/Palin ticket. But now, you have gone and showed me your true colors. God Damn, I am sickend.

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We have all heard this term for a while now. The term meaning, Democrats who lean conservative when it comes to socialissues and vote for Republicans. But, they still hold Socialist views. Maybe this is the reason why the modern day Republican Party has turned into a bunch of Big Government lovers. Or, as King Moron himself John Podhoretz states, “Liberals who were mugged by Reality”. Psst, you’re still liberals.

Reagan Democrats Coming Home…to the GOP

When the Democratic primary ended in early June, the media spent a great deal of time and effort discussing Barack Obama’s attempts to ‘bring home’ the  Hillary Clinton primary voters.  At the time, the natural inclination was that, in time, most of these voters would return to the DNC fold and vote for the junior Senator from Illinois.  After all, the thinking went, these voters in these times of economic uncertainly would certainly vote Democratic and not for the Republican Party, again.  How could they, the question was asked?  Of course they won’t, the answer followed.

Now if we go back and see all the coverage from the “Conservative” media towards Hillary Rotten Clinton, you would have seen , quite a few of them, not disagreeing with her on a whole lot. And frankly some were seeing her to be more “Conservative” than Sen. Juan McAmnesty. (I didn’t, this is just my view on it)

Back to the “column”…The media, of course, has missed it again, by focusing more on their own desires, and less on who those Clinton voters are, the so-called Reagan Democrats.These are those white, blue-collar, beer-drinking, socially conservative voters that aren’t simply looking for ‘change’ for the sake of a nice campaign slogan.  Rather, they are looking for a candidate that – wait for it – looks a lot like them, or perhaps more specifically, doesn’t look down at them.

Yes thoughts “white/blue collar beer drinking, socially conservative” voters, are the reason why I, and a lot of others look at the Republican Party as Democrat Lite. So to be cheering these folks on to vote for the “Republican” team, is to say, “Hey, we Love Government just as much as You do”.

These Reagan Democrats voted for Hillary Clinton this past spring not so much because they liked the New York Senator, but because they absolutely disliked Barack Obama, and his latte-totting message and international look.

Obviously the writer hasn’t driven through Annapolis MD, and seen all the “Hillary in 08” stickers on the SUV’s and Volvo’s of Latte Drinking Soccer Moms. This guy needs to get out more.

This whole column, represents why I don’t want anything to do with the modern day Republican Party. When these so-called “Reagan Democrats” came over, they brought with them their Big Government ideals. These are the folks who believe in what El Presidente Bush calls “Compassioniate Conservatism”. Or when El Presidente Bush said “When Someone Hurts, Government Must Move”. Very Un-Reagan.

One thing this writer tends to forget, is that most of the original “Reagan Democrats” were Evangelicals. You know the ones, they put Jimmy Carter in as President. With their calls for “Social Justice” and how Government could cure all evils, these are the orginal Neoconservatives. This is why the Republican Party isn’t so much Republican anymore.

So to all of the so-called “Reagan Democrats”, let me be the first to say, Please Leave the Party of Limited Government, and Personal Freedom. You are Not Wanted.

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