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I love Trader Joe’s grocery stores. Employees are friendly, great prices, great food, and the store that I go to is always clean. Yeah, some of the customers at my store are your typical “Stuff that white people like” leftists or “Champagne Socialists” if you may. But all and all, it’s fantastic place to do your weekly grocery shopping.

So, when I saw this headline, Trader Joe’s drops black-neighborhood store plan, I thought “what the hell is wrong with that neighborhood”? Then I read the article. 

First there’s this gem, “Critics said the development would displace residents and perpetuate income inequality in one of the most rapidly gentrifying ZIP codes in the nation.  Just so we are clear, the definition of the word “Gentrification” is:  the process of renewal and rebuilding accompanying the influx of middle-class or affluent people into deteriorating areas that often displaces poorer residents.

And then there’s this: Mayor Charlie Hales and the urban renewal agency’s executive director, Patrick Quinton, signed a letter in January that described what they said was the commission’s contributions “to the destructive impact of gentrification and displacement on the African American community.”

Now, I bet you can’t guess what I’m going to say now. I admire the Mayor and the Portland area Black Community for sticking together. I like that they came together and saw that a company was going to come into the area and start the process of “displacement” of their own brethren. The black community, on the surface at least, believes in taking care of their own. I’m jealous of this.

Of course you will have Republicans talking about “free markets, rainbows and unicorns” and saying this is crazy, this will bring jobs and blah blah. But here is something these people don’t understand. The economic, should never trump you and your folk and the black community at times truly believes that.

For far to long, a lot of Euro-Americans have put there own gains before their own people. From Wall Street to Washington, DC.  If we are to survive as a people, and as a cultural, we should be looking out for our own interests. We should be telling company’s to take a hike that don’t uphold our values and beliefs. We should be a special interest group, especially since we are becoming a minority

It’s high time Euro-Americans took a page from the Black Community, and started to put our Faith, Family and Folk first.

Until then. 



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